Critical to initial and ongoing success is the knowledge transfer from the HotStatus experts to our customer’s implementation and support teams and user community.

The HotStatus Product Training program is a 4-part coursework covering the usability, functionality, system administration, and connectivity/ deployment methodology of HotStatus products.

While the training program is used to insure the success of each client implementation, it can also be used by our customers and partners to help extend this education to their users.

The HotStatus Coursework Tracks are broken out as follows:

Usability Track

This track is designed to get you started on becoming comfortable with the general user interface and navigation of the system. All HotStatus products are designed with a common look-and-feel and standardized behavior.

Functionality Track

The functionality track covers all the basic features and capabilities of the product(s). For the warehousing product, there are four major areas covered in the track:

System Administration Track

Detailing system configuration of the warehousing product, this track delivers the in-depth training required for implementation and support teams.

Connectivity Track

The Connectivity Track covers the import and export of data. Customers will use the Connectivity products to send data to the warehousing product, and use the in-built message sets to extract data.