Hosting Services

Complete supply chain and warehouse management system solutions have been the focus of HotStatus’ since its beginning.  Unlike other supply chain solutions, the HotStatus product suite has been designed from the ground up to be an Internet based solution that is easily implemented as a remote application that integrates with other enterprise software solutions.

HotStock™ is a true web-based Warehouse Management System. With our Windows® look and feel user-friendly and intuitive interface, customers receive a warehouse management solution that is truly cost-effective and easy to use.

HotVisibility™ will allow you to access any WMS system in a single view - regardless of location and data type.  

Using the HotStatus secure hosting services, your company can start enjoying the benefits of a fully capable WMS immediately - with no hardware to install and configure and no on-going maintenance to slow you down. The HotStatus staff manages all infrastructures and IT issues so you can focus on your strategic and tactical business processes.

We use a secure connection for accessing your hosted applications via the Internet. A secure, web browser-based interface is also available to those who need on-the-go access from any Internet connected device equipped with a web browser.

And there is always an upgrade path for you to bring your applications in house.