Professional Services

HotStatus has taken the approach of developing fully packaged implantation processes and tools. In doing this, we significantly accelerate deployment of the HSE software suite and give our customers a predictable timeline and budget.

Our 6-stage Launch Methodology provides a proven roadmap to guide your implementation

Stage One: Launch

This phase initiates the implementation process by establishing the project team (client and HotStatus representatives), reviewing the overall process and developing a project plan and timeline for tracking success.

Included in this phase is a short education track whereby HotStatus consultants educate the project team on the product, the launch methodology and the tools that will be used to complete the project. Getting the project started on the right foot is crucial to the success of the overall implementation.

Stage Two: Assess

This phase includes the operational analysis and requirements assessment of the technical environment. From this assessment a detailed specification for configuration and any necessary enhancements are created.

Stage Three: Configure

Once the detailed requirements are understood, the application configuration and any required interface configuration and development is undertaken. This phase also includes system test, benchmarking, and client acceptance review/test.

Stage Four: Train

After configuration is completed and prior to conversion, the client users are trained through the education tracks that are available. For more details, please go to Training Overview.

Stage Five: Convert

This phase focuses on the successful migration of data from source/legacy systems to the HotStatus systems. Data quality is a critical factor in the initial startup of any system. Hence, the conversion phase includes not just the electronic or manual transfer of data but also necessary data collection/creation and quality data verification and cleansing.

Stage Six: Support

During the cutover to the new system, HotStatus consultants will be onsite to support the clients. Once in startup, HotStatus offers continued levels of support to the client.

Included in the HotStatus Launch Methodology are tools designed to reduce implementation time and ensure quality of the project: