HotWMS™ is a fully featured and scaleable warehouse management system designed from the ground up as an extensible Internet-enabled information management system.

HotWMS™ supports all the critical functions required of a robust, full-featured warehousing operation. We leverage a client-server system architecture that is flexible and configurable to support a variety of operational requirements for manufacturers, distributors and retailers across a range of industries.

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HotStock™ is an internet-based version of HotWMS™ that is fully hosted by HotStatus in a secure and redundant server farm. Using HotStock™, your company can have a fully operational Warehouse Management System in a matter of weeks without the need for a large IT staff or expensive start-up costs.

With HotStock™ you can get the robust WMS capabilities you need to manage your operation now and still have an upgrade path to HotWMS™ in your data center as your business grows!